Do you want to work in a company with a strong focus on sustainability?

Do you want to work in a company with a strong focus on sustainability?
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Embedded Developer

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Anders Kihle


Lars Følstad

Rådgiver Research og Analyse
DEFA works to make peoples everyday lives easier and more environmentally friendly by helping them to use energy as efficiently as possible. If you are interested in the interaction between technology and sustainability, this may be the right opportunity for you.

In DEFA there is a flat hierarchical structure with a short path to the management, and you will therefore have great opportunities to influence in terms of technologies and solutions. Because of this, the development team work closely with the other functions in product development and you can have an active role in the whole process.

Work tasks:
As our new Embedded Developer you will design, develop and implement embedded software through quality coding in close cooperation with our hardware developers.

There are some preferred programming languages and technologies, like Linux and C++, in DEFA, but there is no strict technical requirements beyond that. Because of this, it is important that you are curious and eager to learn about new and different technologies. Skilled developers who want to learn about embedded are also encouraged to apply for the position.

The company is experiencing further growth and is always working to make new solutions and products, especially within the electric car charger domain, and therefore you will have varied and exciting work tasks.

In DEFA you will have great freedom in your work, and you will have a significant influence to create the futures sustainable charging solutions.

  • Solid competence through work experience or from the passion for coding
  • Experience with C++, Python and/or Linux
  • It is an advantage to have experience with the following technologies: Yocto, ZeroMQ, Bluetooth/WiFi/LTE Cat M1, Docker, Kubernetes, and GitLab CI/CD

Personal qualities:
  • Solution oriented, curious, and likes to emerge into deep technical details
  • Team player with good cooperation skills
  • Ability to clearly communicate complex technical information, verbally and in writing

Working at Defa:
At DEFA you will meet energetic, ambitious, and skill-full employees, dedicated in their roles to deliver on our promise of simple products and solutions that work for everyone, everywhere and every time. With our strong innovation culture and technological expertise, you will have the opportunity to develop with us, connecting with different cultures, people and talents, and help drive us forward.

Om arbeidsgiveren

DEFA is a family-owned Norwegian technology company established in 1946, with 450 employees on three continents. For more than 75 years, we have evolved from a local family business to an international charging company, driven by the search for new links between technology and people. Our most important principle is simplicity, and while it requires more of us, it brings more value to our customers. That’s how we’ve grown, and that’s how we’ll grow in the future, creating products and solutions that work for everyone, everywhere.

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Anders Kihle


Lars Følstad

Rådgiver Research og Analyse