Biowaste does not exist. At Antec, we see an infinite loop of valuable bioresources that can contribute in solving today’s energy crisis, waste challenge and feeding the planet. Do you want to help solving the biggest challenges of our time?

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To succeed with our mission, we need professionally skilled people who is passionate about new ways of solving the environmental crisis.

4 reasons to choose Antec

  • Be a part of a committed and innovative technology environment
  • You will have a high degree of freedom, ownership, and the opportunity to influence your everyday working life
  • The opportunity to redefine the future of renewable technology
  • You will get a lot of responsibility and the opportunity to advance your career in a fast growing company

Together we create the renewable future of energy


Antec is creating a global renewable energy. Antec`s plug-flow technology is a game changer in the industry. It`s effective, circular, and modular technology turns biowaste into valuable resources such as biogas, biofertilizer, circular fuels, heat, and renewable electricity. Antec`s ambition is to be a leading “player” in the global biogas market.

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