Executive Level Recruitment

When assisting in the recruitment of executives, we take on the role as the client's advisor. We help you find the best qualified candidates for senior management positions and ensure that the recruitment process is carried out efficiently and with high quality.

Executive recruitment influences the entire organization

Through their leadership, top-level management influences the entire organization directly, through the strategy, culture, growth and business operations. Finding and hiring the right candidate is therefore crucial.

To ensure that we find the right candidate, we dedicate a considerable amount of time early in the recruitment process to gain a good understanding of the business and the position to be filled. Through conversations with key stakeholders, we secure a broad insight into the expectations and challenges inherent in the role, as well as the company culture.

An in-depth analysis of the business

To identify which management skills are necessary for your business, we perform a deep analysis and mapping of the organization. We go in-depth on topics such as:

  • How does company culture affect the ability to meet strategic challenges of the future?
  • What will it take for the business to succeed with its strategic priorities?
  • Which results are to be delivered?
  • What is necessary to attract the right executive level manager?

Through deep knowledge of corporate culture and management expectations based on industry insight and relevant networks, we identify and motivate the right top-level executive.

Our consultants have the experience and competence to ensure high quality executive level management recruitment and are active advisors throughout the recruitment process.

The right executive level manager for your business is rarely an active job seeker. We therefore carry out an extensive executive search, including analysis and mapping of businesses, sources and industries to identify the best qualified candidates. This process goes far beyond conducting searches on LinkedIn. Our consultants’ network in both the public and private sectors is central to finding relevant candidates. When the right candidate is found, we work hard to arouse curiosity and create interest for this new and exciting position.

A strategic partner for a future-oriented perspective

Structure and professionalism are essential in executive level recruitment. Discretion must be exercised, and privacy safeguarded for all parties involved. As a strategic partner we see the recruitment process from a future-oriented perspective. We want to challenge you and give advice based on a thorough analysis of the business, organization, and management team, as well as by uncovering the prerequisites for future success.

We add value to the client´s recruitment process by being a long-term partner who guides and challenges where appropriate.

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